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The Great Lakes surround Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas, creating the longest shoreline in the United States (except Alaska). The shoreline is dotted with lighthouses informing ships of potential dangers.
2012-02-08-0030 Full Moon, Cloud, and Lighthouse2011-11-18-0146 Waves and Lighthouse2012-01-01-0197 New Year's Day Gale2011-10-05-0030 Red Sky at Night2012-01-19-0054 No Swimming2012-01-28-0029 Sunlight Wave2012-03-12-0017 Spring Fog2012-03-14-0027 Big Sable Lighthouse #12012-03-14-0027 Big Sable Lighthouse #22012-03-14-029 Big Sabe Lighthouse #32012-03-18-0026 Ludington Lighthouse and Breakwater2012-04-22-0116 Pt. Betsie Lighthouse #12012-04-22-0019 Point Betsie Lighthouse #22012-06-24-0025 Tawas Ppoint Lighthouse #12012-06-24-0029 Tawas Point Lighthouse #22012-06-24-0043 Tawas Point Lighthouse #312232007-01-0367 Ludington Lighthouse in Winter2008-12-14-0006 Calm After the Storm #12008-12-14-0011 Calm After the Storm #22008-12-14-0021 Calm After the Storm #3

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