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Created 7-Sep-12
31 photos

2012-06-06-0005 SS Badger in Ludington2011-08-04-0035 Privateer Lynx Sails on a Calm Lake Michigan #32011-08-04-0062 Lynx Passes Ludington Lighthouse2011-08-05-0019 Tall Ships Lynx and Pride of Baltimore in Mock Sea Battle2011-08-05-0051 Lynx and Pride of Balitmore II with Ludington Lighthouse2011-08-08-0007 SS Badger Passes Ludington Lighthouse #12011-09-09-0029 Tug Wendy Anne on Lake Michigan2011-09-16-0028 Calumet on Pere Marquette River2012-05-16-0043 Spartan II Enters Pere Marquette Lake2012-05-16-0054 Tug and Barge Spartan Passes Docked Badger2012-07-04-0022 Vintage B17 Bomber Flys over Ludington July 4th Parade2012-08-10-0011 SS Badger Passes Ludignton Lighthouse on Way to Wisconsin2012-08-15-0017 SS Badger Car Ferry Superstructure2010-07-08-0047 Janice Sue Commercial Fishing Tug2013-04-22-0004 S.S. Badger Before the Firing the Boilers2012-08-15-0064 SS Badger Sails Into Sunset2011-10-02-0047 Paul J. Martin Passes Under Makcinaw Bridge2011-10-22-0019 Kayakers on Sable River2011-10-29-0157 Waiting for Next Season2011-10-29-0164 Waiting for Next Season #2

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