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Created 17-Nov-12
90 photos

2008-05-17-0023 A Gulf Waterfall2008-05-17-0035 Moss Glenn Falls2008-07-28-0002 Graves Brook Waterfall2008-10-12-0001 Old Lamoille River Bridge, Johnson2008-10-12-0003 Old Lamoille Bridge Reflections #12008-10-12-0005 Old Lamoille Bridge Reflections #22008-10-12-0028 Stowe Rock Sculpture2008-10-12-0040 Sailing on Lake Champlain2008-10-28-0865 Lake Champlain Sunset2009-06-20-0039 Wild Roses and Wood Fence2009-06-20-0042 Lamoille River Covered Bridge2009-07-05-0006 Stone Wall2009-08-22-0001 We're Open Sign2009-09-04-0002 Park in Fog2009-10-05-0002 Waterbury Center Fall Colors2009-10-10-0010 Green Mountain Fall Colors2009-10-22-0002 A Path Well Traveled #12009-10-22-0003 A Path Well Traveled #22010-05-07-0001 Maple Seeds2010-07-22-0019 Pass on the Wedgie

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