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Created 10-Oct-12
25 photos

2012-04-07-0238 Key West Lighthouse2012-04-08-0076 Waterfall at Dolphin Research Center2012-04-09-0108 Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Boardwalk #12012-04-09-0111 Corkscrew Swamp Sacturary Boardwalk #22012-04-05-0212 Chapman Leads the Parade2012-04-06-0266 Harbor at Lower Duval Street2012-04-06-0019 Key West Walkway2012-04-06-0023 Willie T's Money Covered Ceiling2012-04-06-0057 Ornate Grill2012-04-06-0059 Key West Viines2012-04-06-0099 Hog's Breath Saloon2012-04-06-0106 No Argument2012-04-06-0111 Key West Street Sign2012-04-06-0118 Sit Down and Relax2012-04-06-0127 Dinner Anyone?2012-04-06-0145 You Can't Argue this Sign2012-04-06-0225 Red Door and BLue Shutters2012-04-06-0230 Waiting for Your Return2012-04-06-0241 Key West Patio Garden2012-04-06-0254 The Path to Your Sanctuary

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