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Created 11-Sep-12
124 photos

2013-10-05-0160 Tahquamenon Falls2013-10-04-0029 RR Bridge over Stugeon RIver2012-08-15-0064 SS Badger Sails Into Sunset2012-08-20-0107 Lake Michigan Shoreline near Petoskey2013-04-04-0056 Sable Dunes Sunset2012-08-28-0014 Lake Michigan Summer Sunset #1022502-01-0007 Pilings and Ice061503-01-0015 Old Pier2012-08-28-0012 Lake Michigan Sunset #22012-03-17-0083 Leaf on Beach2013-08-18-0100 Sea Gulls Playing in the Sunset2012-01-21-0024 Fresh Snow2012-01-21-0027 The Farm in Winter2010-07-05-0012 Maude's Garage2010-07-08-0014 The Path Less Taken2010-07-08-0031 Grand Traverse Point2010-07-08-0064 Fishtown2012-08-20-0008 Duck Lake2011-07-25-0046 Red Sky at Night....2012-02-26-0005 Red Barn and Birch

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