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Created 10-Sep-12
57 photos

2011-11-05-0054 White Tail Deer #22012-01-04-0024 White Tail Deer #32012-01-04-0025 White Tail Deer #12012-03-14-0056 Canada Geese Land on Lake Michigan2012-03-14-0093 Sandhill Cranes2012-03-18-0009 Seagull and Lighthouse2012-03-21-0072 Sandhill Crane2012-03-31-0006 Inquisitive Seagull2012-04-13-0002 Sea Gull Floats along Breakwater2012-05-13-0060 Common Chipmunk2012-05-19-0007 Seagull and Sunset2012-05-19-0034 Seagull Speeding on Lake Michigan2012-06-02-0002 House Sparrow and Young2012-06-10-0049 Soaring Gull #12012-06-17-0088 The Coffee Clutch2012-06-17-0124 Soaring Gull #22012-08-20-0091 Sandpiper Searching for Food Among Lake Michigan Rocks2013-06-09-0010 Stag beetle (Lucanus capreolus)2013-06-17-0007 Gray Tree Frog (Hyla versicolor and H. chrysoscelis)2013-06-22-0084 Red Headed Woodpecker (Melanerpes erythrocephalus)

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