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Created 26-Aug-12
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Ludington Light is often encased in fog during late summer.2018-08-14_0014Male Canadian Tiger Swallertail (Papilio canadensis)100162008-0038 Mad River in Fall2013-07-08-0040 White-tail Fawn (Odocoileus virginianus)2013-07-14-0024 Michigan Cherries2012-02-08-0030 Ludington Light, Moon, and Cloud061503-01-0018 Old Pier on Lake Michigan2010-07-04-0004 American Copper Butterfly2011-08-04-0062 Privateer Lynx Enters Ludington Harbor2010-07-05-0012 Maudes061004-01-0017 Claret Cup Cactus2012-02-26-0005 Birches and Red Wall2012-08-15-0064 Badgers Sails into the Sunset2012-04-09-0250 You Can't Get Me032904-01-0011 Pots and Doors sante FeAK04 Denali and Reflection Pond021901-0010 Superior Arizona2016-11-02-0022 Ludington State Park2012-06-13-0001 Daisies and Stone2016-06-23-0005 Ox-Eye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)

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